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My husband and I first met Chris at home showing for another client as we were in the market to find our “forever home”. From the moment we met Chris, my husband and I both commented on how easy going and relaxed the visit was. It felt like we were chatting with a friend that we had known for years and it had only been 20-30 minutes! From that day forward we had decided we wanted to enlist Chris’ help to find us our new home. He then introduced us to Shannon who was absolutely wonderful. Both Chris and Shannon were very patient and helpful, even when we texted them with a million questions or listings of houses we wanted to see. They both asked us the right questions to find out exactly what we were looking for.

When it came to selling our home, Shannon and Chris went above and beyond making the whole process so easy. Shannon took fantastic pictures of our home which made it show amazingly. Chris came by our home several times to answer questions to make us feel as comfortable as possible. During our open house, Shannon gave our 2 ½ year old daughter a pink balloon, and a butterfly magnetic as a surprise. She loved them but lost the balloon very quickly in the sky! Even after all the time that’s past, she still asks where her pink balloon went to this day. They made a lasting impression on her too! In the end, they sold our house for more than any other house had on the street before! We are extremely grateful for everything you did for us.

Chris and Shannon really made buying and selling a home quick, easy and fun. My husband and I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. We can’t wait to move into our new home!


~Leigh Ann, Khris and Kayla~

"My Aunt (Marcia) and I (Gregg) recently sold our home in lovely Dundas, Ontario with Shannon and Chris from Chase Realty.

Shannon and Chris had to deal with a really unique set of circumstances and pressures with selling our house.  My Aunt is 92 years old and I was suddenly taken to hospital just before the house went on the market.  Both Shannon and Chris were sensitive to our needs and very professional.  Selling the house quickly was crucial to our situation and their marketing strategy was amazing.  After only 4 days we had a firm offer at a price we were very happy with.

If you want professional, hard working and compassionate people we highly recommend Shannon and Chris represent you when you sell your property.

We will be recommending Shannon and Chris to all our friends and family.

Thanks again Shannon and Chris for everything you did for us"


Gregg Derrick and Marcia Derrick,  Dundas, Ontario


I first met Chris at a Chase Open House, and was impressed by his enthusiasm yet low key offer of his services to help us find a home we loved. He offered that were I to tell him where and what we needed, he would knock on doors to find it!  What an impressive approach I thought, but I still didn't trust realtors and I walked away.

Weeks later a flyer in my door saying there was some interest in buying my home, had me calling the Chase number. Shannon explained that she had clients interested in a home like mine and if I was interested, she and her partner, would like to see the house to preview it for their people.  Coincidently her partner was Chris who I'd met earlier. We invited them in and were very impressed with their thoughtfulness and kindness.  At that time we talked to Chris and Shannon about how we were interested in selling but hated the thought of masses coming through our home and being dominated by demanding, pushy or overbearing agents. We were afraid to jump into the fray. They seemed to understand and talked about how they would work for us.  We would not just receive email listings, but they would walk our desired neighbourhoods knocking on doors to find people who might be interested in selling but who hadn't yet listed their home. I appreciated that they would be so proactive!  

Both were excellent listeners about what we hoped to move to, the needs we have and perceived for the future, and actually helped my husband and I come to agreement in a few areas.

We were delighted with their service when within a week, Shannon called with two houses for us to go see.  They had already previewed some and found homes for us to view other than those everyone else was seeing. They tuned in quickly to what was important to us, asked lots of questions and we did not see anything that did not have a good potential or was out of the price guidelines we'd set. Even though we were very particular, they never made us feel we were being too fussy.

They did lots of research on the areas and houses and helped us and the sellers know accurate values.  Putting in an offer was easy under their guidance.

Then it came time to sell and their support was awesome, with guidelines, time frames, their personal connections, personal offers of help decluttering, and day by day moral support as we did so. They created a plan that was manageable with as little intrusion and upset as possible knowing we were uncomfortable with hoards coming through our home. There was no pressure, only offers of assistance, support and suggestions.

My husband and I have the utmost confidence in recommending Shannon and Chris from Chase Realty Inc, as The Best Relators in the Hamilton area.  Our experience with them was educational, exciting and very satisfying.


Judy & Chuck Taylor
Ancaster, ON


My husband and I want to recommend Shannon Galameau  and Christopher Jagt, real estate agents for Chase Realty Inc.    They went over and above what was expected, we were able to relax and trust them completely, and the house sold within 17 days!     We appreciated their experience, communication skills and professionalism, credit them with a stress free selling experience and recommend them to everyone!


Terri Green and David Pentland

Chase Realty is exceptional. The team is professional with results-driven expertise. They are passionate about what they do and place their clients' needs and desires as top priority. Thank you for getting the job done so swiftly, Chris Jagt and Shannon Galarneau!


 ~Jeannine Longchamps and Sheppard Wysynski~














Chris and Shannon went above and beyond as real estate agents to help sell our home. I was in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, my husband was working back and forth out of town, and we have a 3 year old, we were very stressed out about the sale of our home. They did as much as they could to help out and reduce the stress associated with selling a home.

On their second visit to our home, before we had even signed with them, they brought my son a toy car that had super man on it because my son had shown them his super man soap at the previous visit (Chris said he couldn't resist the super man one, knowing how excited my son had been a couple of days before). My son loved it!

When staging the house, instead of me having to go out and buy things, Shannon went through her home and brought over everything from towels, to baskets, to ornaments to help make our home show better, this saved me time and money, and looked great.

One night, after being out of the house because of viewings, they had a home made coffee cake (baked by Shannon) waiting for us. It was not only thoughtful, but delicious as well!

Since Shannon is also a photographer she took all the pictures of the house for the listing. Chris was moving this here and that there, making the pictures look just right. After taking all the pictures (which turned out beautiful) she did a quick family shoot and gave us an awesome family picture that we will cherish for years to come.

Before we were able to sell our home, we moved out of province and left the showing and sale of the house to Shannon and Chris. They did an awesome job of taking care of the home, one morning before an open house Chris brought his lawn mower over and cut the grass, this was truly above and beyond.


Shannon and Chris did everything they could to make us feel comfortable and relaxed with them. They were more like friends than just our agents. It's all the little things that really make the difference. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends or family.

~Alicia O'Neill~